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Short Information about UhrenH@nse


Dear Clock- & Watch-friend,                                                                                                                    Summer 2000

welcome at UhrenH@nse. Unfortunately you'll find most of the sites only in the german language. Therefore here a short information for you in English.

Here in Germany we realize since may 2000 a project, called "UhrenH@nse" (Hanse for remembering to the great (Trade-) Hanse-Organization between a lot of cities in western europe from 1266 until 1669, like Lübeck, Hamburg und Bremen).

UhrenH@nse will be a platform for all clock and watch-enthusiasm and especially for collectors of old watches and clocks. Any member of   UhrenH@nse can use the different domains of UhrenH@nse and the contacts to the members of UhrenH@nse. And for the clock- and watchfriends in the world there are some experts in our association. Also you can use "UhrenBeratung", a service for individual questions - trying to find the right answer trough our network of experts and clock- & watch-friends.

There is a showroom for clocks and watches too, called "UhrenAusstellung". At "UhrenAusstellung" any member can show images with description of his collection. If you have nice pictures of your clocks or watches, this will be the right stuff for the "UhrenH@nse-Exhibitions" and for you it is an interesting way to present your piece or collection at the internet.

An interesting part of UhrenH@nse is "Sammler-Ecke", with special themes only for collectors of clocks and watches.

The membership at UhrenH@nse is free, because there is no commerce in our mind. It's made just for fun. Shortly:

The  UhrenH@nse is a non-profit organisation. 

Through its internet sites it aims to provide a meeting
and mediation plaza for anyone interested in Antique
Horological Objects,  Instruments and Barometers. 

We are not focused at the German speaking region in Europe. But at this time it is all in German. Sorry!

Next time we'll give You some more information about our Horological-Knowledge-Database (called UhrenWissen) or e.g. the Horology-Domains-Database (called UhrenAdressen - it's like Horology - but a modern databased worldwide directory with search-functions).

Dont' hesitate to contact us, we'll try to give You a feed back in the English language.

Jürgen Ermert


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